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Duncan Family Eye Care: Excellence in Eye Health

Welcome to Duncan Family Eye Care. Here, we provide excellent eye care within a close-knit, family-oriented atmosphere. We have built our practice on the values of individualized care and sincere compassion. We seamlessly blend modern eye care methods with a strong connection to our patients, ensuring that the eye care experience is both advanced and deeply personal for all.

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Dry Eye

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Emergency Eye Care Services

Pediatric Eye Exams girl smiling happily looking at slit lamp machine during medical check up in eye clinic

Pediatric Eye Care

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Contact Lenses

Meet Our Optometric Team at Duncan Family Eye Care

Jeffrey W. Edwards, O.D.
Jody W. Atchley, O.D.
Payton E. Atchley, O.D.
Whitney N. Cox, O.D.

We Couldn't Have Said it Better
Great service, professional environment, friendly and helpful staff. They're there to do their job and help you the best they can. Haven't had a bad experience the 2 years I've gone to them!
5 days ago
- Wesley S.

Comprehensive Eye Care Services in Duncan

We are committed to providing an all-encompassing range of eye care services tailored to meet the needs of every individual. Our offerings include comprehensive eye exams crucial for maintaining eye health, specialized pediatric care to ensure the well-being of your child’s vision, and contact lens fittings to cater to varied preferences and needs.

Our expertise extends to vision therapy and low vision specialties, helping those with specific visual challenges. Our optical dispensary services offer a wide selection of eyewear, and we provide emergency eye care services for prompt and effective treatment when unexpected vision issues arise.

Our commitment to excellence is further underscored by our adoption of advanced technologies in all aspects of patient care, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of our services.

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Sunglass Square: Fashionable Eye Protection Made For You

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